Fujian Province

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    Fujian Province,called "Min" for short, is situated at China's southeast coast. The Province covers a land area of 121, 400 square kilometers and has a population of about 36.89 millions. The province capital is Fuzhou.
    Fujian sits in the subtropical zone and is influenced by the subtropical oceanic monsoon climate with warm weather and plenty of rainfall. Based on the mountain at the back and overlooking the sea, Fujian is known for its "eight mountains, one river and one farmland" and enjoys its numerous mountains, vast sea and mild temperature. The Province is rich in mineral resources, forestry, waterpower and aquatic products. Numerous varieties of flowers and fruits abound in Fujian. Longan, lichee, orange, banana, loquat, pineapple and olive are widely grown. Of all the flowers and plants in Fujian, well-known Zhangzhou narcissuses come first on the list. Fujian is one of the major tea-producing provinces in China. Chongan bohea, Anxi TieGuanyin, Fuzhou jasmine tea and Fu'an black tea are all very famous. Fishery is developed along the coast. Lancelet is world-famous while sea clam is widely regarded as a delicacy. Industry in Fujian is of considerable dimensions. The major industrial product groups are building materials, forest products, light industrial products, electronic products, chemical products, machinery products, metallurgical products and so on. Shoushan is known for its stone carving, Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware and Dehua porcelain.
    Fujian is of numerous tourist attractions, both in beautiful scenery and in outstanding and influential figures. Tourist areas include mountains, rivers and well-known cities. Fuzhou, the province capital, surrounded by mountains, is a beautiful city astride the Minjiang River. The Dharma Drum Mountain suburban Fuzhou affords fine views of both the sea and the river, and is an ideal scenic spot for outing. Xiamen, known as "Garden on the Sea", is a picturesque coastal city. Gulangyu, a hilly islet in Xiamen city, called as "Island of Music", fascinates people with its attractive scenery and buildings. The highest point on Gulangyu, the Sunshine Rock, commands a good view of the sea and the city. Quanzhou is one of China's famous historic and cultural ancient cities with many historical sites. Zhangzhou is world famous for its lichee, banana, longan and narcissuses. Wuyi Mountain, listed by UNESCO as a world natural as well as cultural heritage, has been lavishly praised by poets ancient and modern alike. The view of its nine-zigzag stream and thirty-six peaks is just breathtaking. With its picturesque mountain peaks and clear stream water, Mt. Wuyi Mountain provides an attractive escape from the city life.