Intro to Southeast Legal Science Academic Platform of Fuzhou Universit

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The law cannot be shelved; the law should be discussed, The true meaning of the law can only be revealed in the exploration and speculation. The academic platform of, Southeast Legal Science consists of:

1. Southeast Legal Science Series of Books

In order to extend the frontiers and deep the depth of legal research, the FZU law School encourages teachers to write books and submit their treatises to the Sountheast Legal Science book series. The law school will support above works’ publications financially. The law school aims to create a distinctive book series brand with academic value. 

2. Southeast Legal Science Distinguished Scholars Forum

The Southeast Legal Science Distinguished Scholars Forum is dedicated to invite law experts to visit and deliver speech at the law school. Experts’ extensive knowledge and academic authority would motivate teachers and students to promote their legal research and comprehend the essence of law.

3. Southeast Legal Science Academic Forum

Based upon the Southeast Legal Science Academic Forum, the law school is dedicated to organize national and international academic conferences, to have more experts and scholars sharing their valuable experience, discussing frontier issues at the law school.

4. Southeast Legal Science Academic Salon

Based upon the Southeast Legal Science Academic salons, the law school is dedicated to organize salons to discuss frontier legal issues. The objective of the Sountheast Legal Science Academic salon is to provide a platform for teachers and students to communicate, to help teachers and students learning while teaching and sharing their thoughts with others, as well as developing students' interests in legal research.

5. Southeast Legal Science Academic Periodicals

Based on the Southeast Legal Science Academic Periodicals, the law school collects and publishes teachers and students’ latest works, to share law school’s latest academic outcomes with the public.