Introduction to FZU Law Student External Relationship for Legal Practice

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      Being part of 211 Project province-running comprehensive university, Law school of FZU consistently persists on its characteristic of adhering to educational strategy set by China Higher Education Law, i.e., “fostering sophisticated professional talent with innovation and practice capability”. FZU Law School inherits the nature of practical training in legal education, carrying on the spirit set by China Ministry of Education as in “Comments on further strengthening college student practical education”, and thereby established the training goal of compound law talents.

Over the past decade, FZU law School consistently persists on the educational strategy of “combination of theory with practice, basic subject with characterized subject”, regarding legal practice as an important step in its comprehensive legal professional training program. In light of this aim, FZU law School signed “cooperative agreement on practical education base” with Fujian Zili Law Firm as early as 2002. Afterwards, FZU law School signed agreement on Cooperative Working Base of Education and Research with Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court, both parties have explored various beneficial means on legal practical education. So far, FZU law School has established various external relationships with various parties, which include Fujian Higher People's Court, Fujian Provincial People's Procuratorate, Fujian Public Security Bureau, People's Procuratorate of Fuzhou, Gulou District People's Court of Fuzhou, People's court at Zhouning County at the city of Ningde, People's court at Luoyuan County at the city of Fuzhou, People's court at Yongtai County at the city of Fuzhou, People's court at Dehua County at the city of Quanzhou, People's court at Taining County at the city of Sanming, Fujian Zhili Law Firm, Fujian Kuanda Law Firm, Fujian Chuangxing Law Firm, Fujian Dajia Law Firm, Fujian Zhiang Law Firm, Arbitration Commission of Fuzhou, Bureau of Industry and Commerce at Gulou District at the city of Fuzhou. FZU law School has established in-school legal practice institution, i.e., legal clinic, legal aid center, and moot trial court. FZU law School has prepared a group of full-time and part-time teaching fellows who are proficient both in legal theory and practice, so as to make sure successful accomplishment of legal practice as well as teaching work.

FZU law School persists under the educational guideline set by Fuzhou University, which is to combine Law with Science and Engineering department. There were law department of legal philosophy, civil law, criminal law and procedure law when the law school was established. Now legal department of intellectual law as well as environmental law are futher fostered. In light of differing nature and characteristics of legal practice base unit, the training practice is carrying out not only to foster students’ general legal professional ability, but also to improve their practical ability in a few specialized subjects. For example, the legal practical training base of Fuzhou intermediate people’s court and Fujian Zhili Law Firm is aimed particularly for the training of legal professionals in the domain of intellectual law and procedure law. The training base in the people’s court of Zhounin County of Linde City, Taining County of Sanming city are particularly for training talents in the domain of environmental law, based on their underlying environmental protection court.

FZU law School has established coordinated training mechanism with various educational practice units, and tries to explore new models of legal practical ability training. In addition to routinely arranging students for intern, practice and observing the trial, FZU law School innovatively inviting Fuzhou intermediate people’s court to open a real court session in the moot court at FZU law School. Opportunities to communicate with judges will also be provided to the students. Meanwhile, under the full support of Judicial administrative department, FZU law School has selected excellent students to act as People’s Assessor, which has been the first try in Fujian province. The selected students will participate directly at court hearing and panel discussion, through which their practical ability has been greatly improved.

FZU law School will, on top of strengthening existing legal educational practice bases, FZU Law School will summarize experiences earned in legal training in coordination with legal practical departments and increase the input of funding and personnel. Further, FZU Law School is committed to establish a legal educational practice base network, which covers beyond five districts and eight counties under Fuzhou city, and extending to neighboring cities, comprise of judicial institutions, arbitrational institutions, administrative legal enforcement institutions, notarization institutions, law firm and legal service institutions, law aid institutions.