Introduction to the Research Center of Local Legal Construction, the Research Base of Humanities & Social Science of Higher Education Institution of Fujian Province

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Research Base of Humanities & Social Science of  Higher Education  Institution of Fujian Province, the Research Center of Local Legal Construction (Hereinafter referred to as the CENTER), was approved by Fujian Provincial Department of Education. The CENTER is a scientific research platform which directly serves the local legal system construction, with the Law School of Fuzhou University as the main body, integrating the scientific research teams of the university and drawing resources from governments, legislation and judicial organs at various levels as well as large enterprises and institutions in Fujian province. The CENTER aims at solving the problems concerning the major issues in the construction of rule of law system in Fujian Province under the new circumstance. Meanwhile, the CENTER also conducts researches on legislation strategies and actively participates in the legislation work to serve the construction of rule of law government in Fujian Province.

So far, the CENTER boasts a professional research team with reasonable age structure, professional title structure, academic structure and knowledge structure, including 17 professors, 28 associate professors together with about 30 PhD graduates and PhD candidates. It plans to engage about 10 part-time researchers. Presently it is equipped with four research institutes: Research Institute of Local Legal Construction Theory & Legislation Strategy,Research Institute of Environment & Resources Protection Legal System,Research Institute of Social Economic Law, and Research Institute of Legal System Concerning Taiwan (Foreign) Issues.

The CENTER adopts an “open, dynamic, united and competitive” operating mechanism”, pushes forward a sustainable development mechanism of initiating programs from scientific and social demands to stimulate academic oriented development, carries out academic exchanges and cooperation in various forms concentrating on legal system construction in Fujian province, pays attention to the practice of the scientific research achievements conversion, actively undertakes the legislative projects and researches entrusted by government, legislation, judicial organs, large enterprises and institutions, and participates in various kinds of national and local legislative argumentation  in order to provide consulting and services on local legal system development and the government decision-making. It is hoped that through efforts in a certain period the CENTER will be built into a leading research base and talent training base in the field of local legal construction and an important platform for consulting service and decision-making service for local legal system construction in Fujian province.

All elites who are dedicated to the local legal construction from the governments, legislative body, judicial body and large enterprises and institutions are welcome to join us. We are looking forward to cooperation with relevant departments and units with legislation project and legislation research program to entrust. Other forms of cooperation are also welcome.

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