Introduction to Education Training Base of Applied-Complex Law Graduate in Fujian Province

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The traditional training mode for law graduate student in China lays too much stresses on the training for pure academic research purposes and imparts theoretical knowledge of law with single objective. Thus it ignores the cultivation of vocational skills. With the increase of enrollment number of law graduate students, with the increase of enrollment number of law graduate students and the increase of the varied majors of law graduate and diversified choices of law graduate students in job selection, the original training mode has failed to meet the need of well-educated legal talents from all walks of life in current society. This base aims at exploring the construction of a new applied-complex training mode for high level law talents and realizing the effective link of legal education and legal profession so as to meet the social demands for elitism of legal profession.

The School of Law, Fuzhou University has been always attaching great importance to training the student's ability of law practice, and has built up twenty-odd practice bases for legal education, with Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court as the main body, including Fujian Provincial High People's Court,Fujian Provincial People's Procuratorate, Fujian Provincial Department of Public Security, People's Court of Gulou District,Fujian Zenith Law Firm,  Fuzhou Arbitration Commission, Fuzhou Gulou Administration of Industry & Commerce etc. Teaching institutions for law practice on campus, including the legal clinic, legal aid center and moot court, are also established.

Of  the 4 JSD mentors and 26 JD mentors,double qualified teachers account for more than half. A dozen of high-achievement judges, procurators and lawyers who are brilliant both theoretically and practically have also been selected as part-time postgraduate mentors from those co-partner units. Those talents constitute firm guarantee for talents cultivation of applied-complex law graduate students.

The base will adopt a management mode and operation mechanism of cooperation, linkage, and openness. With the teaching and scientific research strength of Law School in Fujian University as main part, the base will improve organization management system and consummate various management regulations of teaching, practicing and cooperation for scientific research through the integration of off-campus practice teaching resources, like Fuzhou Municipal Intermediate People's Court, with a view to developing the base into a demonstration platform for cultivation of applied-complex law graduate in Fujian province.